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Sustainable E-Commerce and the future of Shopping: 3 Ways to go Green While Shopping

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

1. Bulk Purchase:

Bulk purchases are essential to create efficiency. Environmental Pollution increase with every extra trips. Customers need to be aware of the environmental footprint associated with their purchases.

While buying in bulk can decrease extra trips for the carriers, and there is significant lesser number of packaging material associated. Amazon uses FFP (Frustration-Free Packaging) which minimize excess materials.

2. Avoid Express/Fast Delivery:

Express/Fast shipping methods create a heavier environmental Pollution than standard shipping. For the betterment of business, same-day or express delivery can incorporate air travel leading to higher Carbon Emission. Opting for slower shipping methods is an easy way to go green.

3. Minimize Returns:

Retailers have designed a system to accept returns, usually at no cost to the consumer. While the convenience is attractive, returns can significantly increase your product’s environmental costs. Nearly 25% of all e-commerce sales are returned. To your surprise these returned products are often sold at a discount or thrown away.

Barclaycard research looked at the issue of serial returners, shoppers who deliberately over-order so that they can keep the items they want and return the rest:

- 30% of shoppers deliberately over-purchase and subsequently return unwanted items.

-19% admitted to ordering multiple versions of the same item so they could make their mind up when they’re delivered.

- 20% said they’d increase the price of products to cover the cost of returns.

Do your part to minimize returns, and only purchasing necessary products. The wish list can add to your reassurance as you consistently reassess your possible purchases.

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